Meet Our Folks

What a Crew!

We’ve lived and traveled all over the world. Now like you, we find ourselves basking in the glory of the great Southwest. Although we are very diverse there are two things we all heartily agree on. If you don’t love where you live, then move. If you don’t like what you do, then move on. And so here we are.  It’s as simple as that. 

Deanna Devereaux

Deanna has been working in the background for many years at Bob's Johns but we have asked her to step forward and be our Office Manager to keep Rob in line and out of trouble. 
Deanna is wonderful to work with and will do her best to make all your portable restrooms needs come true.

  Deanna Devereaux, Office Goddess Trophy Wife In Waiting

Rob Fogleman, CFO

Rob is a co-owner. He learned the business from the ground up and knows how to do just about everything. He won’t admit it though because he’s worried we’ll stick him back in a truck.  When it comes to numbers he is our main man so it’s unlikely, but we don’t tell him that. 
Rob Fogleman, General Manager

Kris -Dutch- Herman, Master Service Technician and Lead Engineer 

Dutch is our "go to", "can do" guy. If you've seen him in action then you know what we mean. Give him some bailing wire, duct tape and a bungee cord and he can make just about anything work. Every company needs a guy like Dutch. He was our first round pick in the Professional Sanitation Industry draft when he went pro in 2004. Good thing for us his contract doesn't expire for 20 more years.
Kris "Dutch" Herman,  Road Manager   

Tyler Horn

Tom joined us in August 2011 and has been a great addition to our team ever since. Tom is serious about doing the best job he can so he fits right in. If you hear a Bob Willis tune coming from a Bob’s Johns'  truck you know that it’s gonna probably be Tom. He may be Bob Willis’ biggest fan and can play many of his tunes on guitar or fiddle. He also has a great recipe for beef jerky so if you’re interested just ask him about it, he’ll be glad to get you a sample to try out.
Tom Wieser, Service Technician